Bradford White Water Heaters

With over 100 years of operation, Bradford White Hot Water Heaters are undisputedly one of the best water heater manufacturers in the world. Other than water heating, the manufacturers also specialize in the manufacture of space heating, storage and combination heating products. All of these products are designed to meet the diverse standards required in residential, industrial and commercial applications.

In the case of residential water heaters, they designed in such a way that their configurations complement the needs of every home. Also, one is offered a chance to choose their heater based on their desired source of fuel such as solar, propane, electricity, natural gas, heat pump or oil. And other than the basics found in every high functioning water heater, Bradford White’s go an extra mile to offer additional features. Examples of these include intelligent gas control and tank lining among others.

Commercial and industrial water heaters, just like the residential ones are on the other hand specially designed to meet the installation needs of architects, contractors, building owners among others. What makes them stand out is the fact that they incorporate unique elements and features that are geared towards making them more reliable, flexible, energy efficient, inexpensive and durable. Thus, they are ideal for shopping centers, office buildings, stadiums, health clubs and all other public buildings.

Some of the key benefits of Bradford White water heaters include:
Requiring minimal maintenance – once you have had them installed, you can forget all about them as they will never let you down. Being reasonably priced – the price at which they are sold ensures that everyone in need of a water heater gets one. Easy to install – they are sold with an installation step by step guide. Being high performing. Being highly efficient Highly durable.

More importantly though is that these water heaters are sold with a warranty. The warranty not only covers the tank but also its components in case of malfunction or leakage that may have been as a result of workmanship or material defects. What’s even better is that if you lose your warranty, you can easily download and print if from the Bradford White water heaters website.

It’s hence clear that no matter how diverse or demanding your needs are, Bradford White water heaters will ultimately fulfill and over exceed your expectations. Thus, if you are looking for a water heater(s) that will last for years and will complement your every need, then, you need look no further, as Bradford White offers so many options to choose from.

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